Does iicing Like to Mingle?

Dare to be different — chose iicing


Designed to flavor ur favorite beer … we think it works best in any lite beer … “ insert ur brand name here”… lol! … BUT, it will work in any beer you have in ur fridge or cooler. 

iicing is created in such a way that our flavor mixes with any beer

— and it takes on the profile of the beer u have, and flavors it from there!

… soooooo there are so many flavor profiles, depending on the brand u use and how much u squirt ….. the flavor profile possibilities are endless!

Originally designed to flavor beer … We found out thru our trials … Fun trials I must say! … it will also flavor ur favorite alcohol / spirit … Vodka, rye/whiskey, run, gin, white wine etc … !

It does work in water as well …